Friday, March 16, 2012

Robin Hood: The True History Behind the Legend, Nigel Cawthorne

Everyone knows Robin Hood. He was a famous outlaw and unrivalled archer living with his band of yeomen in Sherwood Forest, near the own of Nottingham, where they feasted on the King's venison washed down with warm English ale. 

Most people have heard of Robin Hood, the famous medieval outlaw who lived in Sherwood Forest and robbed from the rich and gave to the poor. But do you know who Robin Hood really was? Well, this book explains. It tells the tale of Robin Hood at the beginning, and then delves deeper into actual historical references, stories, and performances. It tells about different versions of the story too, and where Maid Marian came from. This book was fairly interesting, though the author's writing style wasn't that great and I think he could have made it much more interesting. I mean seriously, Robin Hood was a swashbuckling outlaw, surely it could have been a bit more engaging? And the ending was really abrupt and weird; without any sort of wrap-up or conclusion really.

Read Robin Hood: The True History Behind the Legend:
  • if you are interested in the medieval era
  • if you are particularly interested in outlaws like Robin Hood
215 pages.

Okay book, but it left me wanting more!

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