Sunday, March 25, 2012

Paris, Paris: Journey Into the City of Light, David Downie

No single element of Paris evokes the city's ambiguous allure more poignantly than the Seine. A slow arcing gray-green curve, the river reflects the raked tin rooftops arrayed along its embankments, and the temperamental skies of the Ile-de-France...each day when I step out for my constitutional around the Ile Saint-Louis I ask myself what Paris would be without the Seine. The answer is simple: it wouldn't. 

David Downie came to Paris in 1986, full of romantic notions about the city. He ended up living there and writing extensively about Paris. This book has 31 prose sketches of "Paris Places," "Paris People," and "Paris Phenomena," including one about the Luxembourg Gardens, one of my favorite parks in Paris.

This was a really great book, and I loved Downie's various essays and the subjects he chose to write about. This book will probably stay on my bookshelf, and I'll probably revisit some of his essays.

Read Paris, Paris:

  • if you are interested in travel books
  • if you are interested in Paris
303 pages.

Very Good! I would recommend this book!

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