Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hitch 22, Christopher Hitchens

From the prologue (with premonitions): Before me is a handsome edition of Face to Face, the smart magazine that goes out to the supporters of London's National Portrait Gallery.

Not a very interesting beginning perhaps, but you have to read on. This is the memoir of Christopher Hitchens, the author of god Is Not Great. I did enjoy the memoir; it (obviously) talked about experiences Hitchens had at Oxford, and people he met, as well as detailing who his family was. It was interesting, because his mother was Jewish, but his father was Christian, and yet he still grew up to revile religion. He doesn't go too much in depth about that here; you'd have to read the other one. Some of the chapters were more interesting with others, but overall, I'm glad I read it. His writing style is amusing, after all. I also thought that the title was pretty clever; it refers of course to Catch 22. A hitch is similar to a catch, and his friends often called him "Hitch." As I said, it talks about a lot of people he knows, and some famous ones (like Salman Rushdie!)

Read Hitch 22:
  • if you like memoirs
  • if you like Christopher Hitchens
422 pages.
Very Good! I would recommend this book!

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