Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dragon Slippers, Jessica Day George

It was my aunt who decided to give me to the dragon. Not that she was evil, or didn't care for me. It's just that we were very poor, and she was, as we said in those parts, dumber than two turnips in a rain barrel.

This was another great book by Jessica Day George. Creel's aunt tries to sacrifice her to a local dragon in order to get a rich nobleman to save and marry her, but Creel ends up getting away from the dragon herself and taking a strange pair of blue slippers. She leaves her small town and walks for days to go to the king's city to try and do embroidery. Along the way, she meets another dragon, Shardas. But the country is on the verge of war, and as Creel discovers, her slippers have the power to save the kingdom- or destroy it.

This one reads like a fairy tale too, though it isn't based on anything, I don't think. There are some unrealistic parts in it, like Creel befriending Prince Luka. That didn't make any sense (commoners don't mix with princes generally.) But the book had a good (though somewhat silly) plot, and was somewhat suspenseful.

Read Dragon Slippers:
  • if you like fantasy
  • if you like books about dragons
  • if you like light books
321 pages.
Very Good! I would recommend this book!

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