Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Isolde: Queen of the Western Isle, Rosalind Miles

This book tells the famous tale of Tristan, a knight, and Isolde, an Irish princess. Richard Wagner composed an opera based on this story. I liked this particular retelling of it. Miles's writing style is vivid and evokes the feel of the time that she is writing about. It really made me feel that I was right there watching the actions unfold. I felt like I was in the time period. She had great descriptions of the landscape of England and Ireland, as well as the people in the story. It was a wonderful story, having elements of fantasy and magic in it, as well as some realism. I would recommend it to people interested in medieval times. My favorite element of the book was the lush descriptions, which were quite unique and fun to read. 340 pages, 4 stars.

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