Sunday, February 12, 2012

Daughter of Fortune, Isabel Allende

I loved Allende's writing in this book, which was for adults, unlike the City of the Beasts series, in which her writing was not as good. I don't know what her writing is like in the original text, but I think the translator did a good job. I should give her credit. She is Margaret Sayers Peden. Anyway, the writing style of this book was smooth and engaging, and the story-line was interesting. It is set in Chile, where Eliza Sommers, a young woman raised by a spinster and her rigid brother, sets off to America to try and find her lover during the gold rush of 1849. By the time she hears news of him, she must decide who her true love really is. This is a great story because it has adventure and a wonderful plot. It also has some humorous parts, and wonderful characters.  There's Eliza herself, Rose, the spinster, Mama Fresia, and the characters that Eliza meets in the US. Another great thing was the wonderful descriptions of the greed that the Gold Rush triggered. So many many men, bachelors and married men alike, went to America to brave dangers in hope off gold. It's a great historic novel, and I would really recommend it to everyone. 399 pages, 5 stars.

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