Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The House of the Spirits, Isabel Allende

Barrabas came to us by sea, the child Clara wrote in her delicate handwriting. She was already in the habit of writing down important matters, and afterward, when she was mute, she also recorded trivialities, never suspecting that fifty years later, I would use her notebooks to reclaim the past and overcome terrors of my own. 

Though kind of confusing at the beginning, The House of the Spirits nevertheless carried me once again into the story with Allende's rich prose and wonderful storytelling. The House of the Spirits is another great book. It tells the story of the Trueba family, following them through many years. It's really a wonderful novel, full of "love, magic, and family pride." Once again, Allende has interesting, rich characters who populate the novel and make it so fun to read. Though this novel had brutal parts, I still liked it. Read Isabel Allende, whether it's The City of the Beasts series, Daughter of Fortune, or The House of the Spirits. Just read her. Seriously.

Read The House of the Spirits:

  • if you've read and liked other books by Allende
  • if you enjoy Chilean literature
  • if you are looking for a fabulous, enchanting novel
433 pages, 5 stars.

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