Sunday, November 11, 2012

Watching Emma (2009)

I recently read Jane Austen's Emma, so I wanted to see a TV adaption. I found the 2009 BBC series on YouTube. In total, there are four episodes, so it's about four hours (compared to Pride and Prejudice 1995's six.)

All in all, I think Emma was very inferior to Pride and Prejudice (referring to the TV series here). I did enjoy it, but it wasn't nearly as good. Or maybe that's because the original Jane Austen novel wasn't as good. Anyway, I wasn't as taken with Emma.

Still, I think it was an interesting miniseries. I have a few observations about it. It's much darker than Pride and Prejudice, in both senses of the word. I think it's less light and merry in terms of feel, and also all of the rooms are much less well lit. It's probably more realistic for the time period than Pride and Prejudice; I seriously doubt candle-light would create the light rooms there. And it was also more sad. I actually was tearing up in the opening minutes, when the British narrator guy talks about the three children: Emma, Jane Fairfax and Frank Churchill. So a much darker take, I think.

The casting was pretty well done. Mr. Knightley wasn't that handsome, but I grew to like him a lot throughou tthe 4 hours. (But then again, Emma wasn't that pretty either.) I liked all of the characters except for Harriet Smith; she was so ugly at times. I think she should have been a bit prettier. One other thing that I liked was at the ball, the dancers all applauded the musicians. I don't know if that would have actually happened, but it was a nice touch.

Emma is a nice adaption of the novel and if you enjoy Austen TV/movies or Emma specifically, I would highly recommend it. You can find all of it online.

4 stars.

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