Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Killing Sea, Richard Lewis

This is a book about the diastrous tsunami in 2004 that struck Indonesia. Ruslan, and Indonesian boy and Sarah, an American girl, are brought together in the aftermath of the disaster. Ruslan is searching for his father and Sarah is trying to get medical treatment for her sick brother. Sarah had been on a vacation with her parents when the tsunami struck. Along with Surf Cat, a helpful and courageous feline, they navigate through the destruction, barely believing what they see. This is a really emotion-filled book. Normally, when you hear about disasters in far-away places, they don't really affect you that much other than a twinge of pity for "those poor people." This book put a human face on tragedy and made you really feel for the people killed and hurt by the tsunami. It was a short, but sweet book, which I really enjoyed reading, though the book was a bit depressing. It depicts these people dying who Ruslan knew, and heaps of corpses being unceremoniously buried. 179 pages, 4 stars.

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