Friday, January 6, 2012

Ivanhoe, Sir Walter Scott

This a famous classic, set in King Richard the Lionhearted's time, more specifically, when Prince John was trying to take over rule of England. Robin Hood is also from the time period. Ivanhoe was a pretty good book, full of adventure, intrigue, and romance. Ivanhoe is a knight who traveled with King Richard on the Crusades after being banished by his father for trying to marry against his father's wishes, and in Scott's novel, he returns to England to try and find Lady Rowena, who he wants to marry. Robin Hood is present in this book, known by many names (Locksley, the Outlaw) and only at the end is he called Robin Hood. I did enjoy this book very much, but at that time people treated Jews horribly. Some priests accuse Rebecca, a Jewess, of being a sorceress. She is very good at healing, but she has only used it for good by healing wounded Christians. It was so unfair! And her father, Isaac of York, has to suffer so much throughout the book. It made me really mad at the hypocrisy of Christians. They always say that their religion is forgiving, but then they want to burn Rebecca at the stake. Even the good characters (Robin Hood, Ivanhoe, King Richard) are scornful of Jews. It's so frustrating. But it was still a good book, though slightly overwritten, as 19th century books are apt to be. 4 stars.

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