Monday, April 15, 2013

Watching Northanger Abbey (2007)

The film version of Northanger Abbey was really amazing, just as good as the 2009 version of "Emma". It sticks closely to the original book in terms of dialogue but adds some foreshadowing of important events to come. I really liked that; it made the book more movie-like, as movies tend to have foreshadowing in them. The only thing that vexed me was that the part where Henry teasingly tells Catherine about the black cabinet and its contents was left out. That's such an important part, and it wasn't included.

Other than that, I had no criticisms to make. The casting was amazing, especially Catherine and Tilney. Catherine is pretty in a really young, innocent, naive sort of way, which is exactly her character. I loved Tilney too. He's just perfect; witty and really quirky.

Northanger Abbey is really suited to being made into a movie; what with the Gothic novels and the horrors that Catherine imagines, it makes for excellent drama. This version actually films some of the lurid dreams Catherine has due to the books she reads. So that was good. And things get even more creepy when Catherine arrives at the abbey, providing ample space for some movie magic.

Another thing that I noticed was that some of the same music from the 1995 adaption of Pride and Prejudice was in this one in the background. That was nice to hear. I would recommend this adaption if you like the novel. It was humorous and well done. I also loved the ending.

5 stars.

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