Sunday, August 5, 2012

Insurgent, Veronica Roth

I wake with his name in my mouth. Will. Before I open my eyes, I watch him crumple to the pavement again. Dead.

Well, here's the sequel to Divergent. Insurgent starts right where Divergent leaves off, which was good. The factions are all divided in war, and relationships are changing. Tris, Four, Caleb (her brother), and a few other people go from Amity's headquarters to Candor's, to the factionless. Tris really struggles a lot with herself and her emotions in this one. She is haunted by killing Will while he was under the simulation, and her parents' deaths.   There's a lot of new stuff in Insurgent, which was great, to see the plot getting more and more complicated. But it dealt with old things too. In some ways, I might say that this series has too many secrets; it seems like just about everybody has a dark past or something to hide. It just seems unrealistic (although I realize of course that this is science fiction). Though undoubtedly that makes the book more entertaining and suspenseful. And the ending was really good. I can't say I was that surprised, but it opens a lot of new possibilities for the next and final (I think) book.

I would say Insurgent is definitely a good sequel, and I really look forward to reading the next book. In fact, I don't know how I'm going to survive for a year...

(Oh, and you can read Becky's review here.)

Read Insurgent:
  • if you liked Divergent
  • if you like science fiction
525 pages.
Outstanding Book That Will Stay On My Bookshelf For Rereading (jf I own it)!

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