Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Schwa Was Here, Neal Shusterman

I don't really remember when I first met the Schwa, he was just kind of always there, like the killer potholes on Avenue U or the Afghans barking out the windows above Crawley's restaurant- a whole truck load of 'em if you believed the rumors. 

This was a great, funny, interesting book, about a boy named the Schwa. He's not exactly invisible, but he blends in, so people don't notice him even when he's standing right in front of them, unless he speaks. It's kind of weird because my dad and I just watched a Woody Allen film called Zelig about the same kind of thing. I loved this book for many reasons. First, the premise. An awesome premise. Second, the great writing style. A boy named Antsy Bonano narrates the whole strange story; and he's very observant, in his own way, about life and other things. Third, the chapters have great titles. Funny titles. Like "The Weird and Mostly Tragic History of the Schwa, Which is Entirely True If You Trust My Sources" and "Which is Worse: Getting Mauled by a Pack of Dogs, or Getting Your Brains Bashed Out by a Steel Poker?" Ha ha. Fourth, I loved the characters of Antsy, Schwa, Crawley, and his granddaughter Lexis. Fifth, the ending was really great. All the characters learn something in the end. I loved, loved, loved this book.

Read The Schwa Was Here:
  • if you like fiction with a twist
  • if you like funny, but strangely observant, stories
  • if you're looking for a great, short novel that you'll just love
  • if you like strong narration in a book
228 pages.


Outstanding Book That Will Stay On My Bookshelf For Rereading (jf I own it)!

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