Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Beekeeper's Apprentice, Laurie R. King

I was fifteen when I first met Sherlock Holmes, fifteen years old with my nose in a book as I walked the Sussex Downs, and nearly stepped on him. 

It is 1915. The famous detective Sherlock Holmes has "retired" to the countryside to be a beekeeper. He is literally bumped into by Mary Russell, the protagonist and narrator of the story. She becomes his apprentice, and later, his partner as he trains her in the skills of being a detective. They solve a few minor cases together, but then a senator's daughter is kidnapped, and they must search for her, as well as the wily mastermind behind the plot who seeks to end their partnership.  I really enjoyed reading Conan Doyle's original short stories about Sherlock Holmes, so I was very excited when I read about this book. I know that there are other series about Sherlock Holmes (like Young Sherlock Holmes), but this one stood out because of the female protagonist. And bees. I liked the character of Mary Russell a lot; she was quite witty. Also, there are some familiar faces if you have read the original stories: Dr. Watson, Mrs. Hudson the housekeeper, and Mycroft, Sherlock's brother. Not only was Mary Russell an interesting character, but a good narrator too. I enjoyed her narration, as well as the wordplay she engages in with Holmes. And all the more minor characters are very interesting as well. I think there are about ten other books in the series, and I don't know if I'll read all of them, but definitely a few more.

Read The Beekeeper's Apprentice:
  • if you are a fan of mystery
  • if you are a fan of Sherlock Holmes
  • if you like new twists off of old stories
  • if you are interested in bees
  • if you like strong, female protagonists 
346 pages.

Very Good! I would recommend this book!

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