Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Orange Trees of Versailles, Annie Pietri

I read this book on a recommendation from Juyoun, who did her first trimester book talk on it. Though it was a very easy book that I finished in about 1 hour, I still enjoyed it. It's set in 17th century France, in the court of Versailles. Marion, the gardener's daughter, is hired to work for the Marquise, the king's "favorite", who he prefers over the queen. Marion has a talent with perfumes, and makes some for the Marquise, who gives credit to somebody else. Marion soon discovers the Marquise's poisonous attitude, and a plan to poison the queen as well as the Marquise's husband. She uses her gift with scents to try and save the day. Some of the writing in this book seemed kind of odd and strange. I think that's because it was translated from the French, and perhaps the translator didn't do such a good job. However, it was still an interesting book. 3 3/4 stars.


  1. Hey Cleo! Any book recommendations for me? Unfortunately, it's going to be a while before I can pick up Chantrelle Dreams, Amanita Nightmares from the library, but I got a Kindle for my birthday, and I'm hankering to download something on it... :)

  2. Lucky you!
    Well, I would recommend the Tiger's Wife. It's a really good book, if you don't mind a few curse words... Definitely NOT Cutting for Stone, too much blood :)... Hmm...
    Well, what genre are you thinking of?