Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Year's Resolutions Of Sorts

I think we all know that New Year's resolutions are overrated; after all, the beginning of a new year is completely arbitrary, and I could just as well do this in February for Chinese New Year, but nevertheless, I have some bookish related resolutions:

1. Read less. I know this seems counter-intuitive; but I guess I don't mean read less, I mean read more slowly, take more time. I'm a really fast reader, and I feel like sometimes I'm rushing to finish and review books so that I can keep up the volume of posts, and that's not good. When I slow down, I always notice so much more.

2. Read better. MG YA fiction is all very well, but this year I want to read more literature and more nonfiction. Rest assured, I'll still be reading children's and teen books from my favorite authors, but probably less of it. There are so many young adult and middle grade novels coming out that look good and I'm sure would be entertaining, but are just sort of a waste of time for me. Reading biography, history, science, and classic literature is much more worthwhile. Sometimes, though, you just need a break, you know? And that's when I turn to YA or really well written middle grade.

3. Read longer: Les Miserables, here I come! War and Peace, watch out! This goes along with both #1 and #2. If I want to post every day or almost every day, I can't read Hugo and Tolstoy; instead I have to read shorter books. Which means that I probably won't be posting quite as much this year. There's also the fact that I have lots of other activities that I want to devote time to. If only we could freeze the clock...

4. Review better. Since I'm going to read less books, I can review each of those books more in-depth, right? At least I hope so. We'll see.

5. Start participating in those book blogging things: Not sure what to call them, but I want to start doing Top Ten Tuesday, and other things like that. Hopefully it will garner more traffic as well, though that's just an added bonus.

So, this year and perhaps years after you can expect less posting, but hopefully better reviews of better books and other posts. Looking forward to it. Happy New Year, all!

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